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Golden & Torres Promoted

Apollo Retail is pleased to announce the recent promotion of both Dwight Golden (Merch Install) and Mike Torres (Service & Assembly). Dwight and Mike were formerly Vice President of Operations for their corresponding divisions but will now serve as Executive Vice President. Dwight is a seasoned veteran of retail, bringing over 30 years of experience in the retail industry. He has gained his experience working at senior levels for both retailers and retail service companies and is a graduate of We

st Central College. Formerly with Advantage Sales and Marketing, Mike Torres also has an impressive 30+ year retail experience track record. The two both received their start working for well-known grocery chains before moving into the retail service space. Dwight and Mike have been critical throughout Apollo’s recent acquisitions as well as to the operations of the overall company. hashtag#retailindustry hashtag#retailexperience hashtag#retailers hashtag#promotion hashtag#grocery hashtag#service hashtag#operations hashtag#executive hashtag#installation hashtag#assembly hashtag#teamapollo hashtag#apolloretail

Apollo Retail Specialists Dwight Golden & Mike Torres
Dwight Golden (Left), Mike Torres (Right)

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