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It’s easy to ship from point A to point B, but in retail, it’s the last 120 feet that matters. 

One of the biggest issues retailers face during remodels, resets, or new store openings is having all fixtures and display materials readily available in store when they are needed. When fixtures and displays are shipped from various brands or suppliers directly to the store, they can end up being separated, lost, or disposed of in error within the store itself, creating delays as contractors search the last few hundred feet of retail space looking for materials to get the store shopper ready. Our fulfillment and logistics team eliminates these headaches by assigning a singular contact who manages, organizes, and ships your materials in a specific store assortment to the site at the time it’s needed – saving you time, money, and your sanity.  


With our strategically located warehouse locations in Maryland, Texas and Nevada, we’re proud to be able to reach your store within a 1-3 day timeframe. 


Our warehouses provide inventory storage, tracking, and deployment management through proof of delivery. You can relax knowing you have one point of contact to rely on for shipping and receiving your project materials. 


Whether you’re planning on renovating a store and need materials consolidated on a single pallet ahead of time or looking to house your equipment SKUs to ship units or packages as needed, we can help.


  • Kitting Solutions – we palletize different materials received from various sources on one single pallet to create a “kit” or “Reset Ready” unit to deliver to your store resulting in saving time, money, and headaches during special projects. 

  • Shipping Solutions- we offer competitive rates thanks to our partnership with top domestic US carriers.

  • Warehouse Solutions- one resource for all your shipping and receiving needs.



We eliminate headaches for retailers and contractors by consolidating and deploying store specific brand equipment that’s easily identifiable once delivered in store. We give precise delivery in concert with execution schedule and completely manage and communicate with all stakeholders. 


The Situation

·    Your shipments are singular

·    They show up at different times from different carriers and are stored in different places

·    It’s expensive and time consuming to figure out where they’re located

·    There are too many fingers to point to when things don’t align

The Solution

·    One Shipment

·    One Delivery

·    One Merchandising Visit

·    Fully Compliant

Manage your entire Supply Chain from shipment to shelf with Apollo. 

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