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Planning is the key.

For your vision to be successful, you’ll need help from our Professional Services division. Our high-level project management team will coordinate both human and material resources throughout the life of your project through Phase Plans and Move Plans to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participation satisfaction.


Phase & Move Plans create high levels of synchronization between your team and third-parties to help mitigate operational issues, store disruption, poor customer experience, and a decline in sales during implementation.

We can help you make 3 important discoveries.


1)The Vision: What do you want to accomplish?

2)The Status: What’s the current state of your store?

3)The Scope: What’s the intended scope of work?


Our professional project planners create step-by-step visual playbooks to help you increase ROI by mitigating confusion and errors. Having a visual step-by-step plan increases the effectiveness of every dollar spent during your upcoming store change.


3D Scanning Matters.

Do you want to plan, implement, and manage floor layouts and merchandising more efficiently? Now, you can with Apollo's professional services division. We use the latest Matterport 3D technology software to capture an accurate and immersive digital twin of your retail space.  With Apollo's use of Matterport 3D technology, retailers can quickly capture 3D virtual tours of in-store equipment such as gondola's and IT cabinets, inventory, product selection and placement, POS displays, and much more.  Our professional services team can help you simplify store management and create a consistent shopping experience for your in-store customers. 



Matterport Sample
Apollo Retail

Matterport Sample

"I believe a Phase Plan and Move Plan can save 10-15% of labor leakage."


Director of Professional Services

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