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We're Hiring
Retail Merchandisers & Assemblers!

Every year, we hire thousands of part-time retail merchandisers and assemblers nationwide to tackle special merchandising projects that help lift sales for both brands and retailers. 

Our retail merchandising projects can have you working 1-30 hours a week based on volume. 

Click the button to search for a retail merchandising or assembly job near you!

Bicycle Equipment
Interior of Pharmacy
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Dustin Hall, District Manager

I started working at Apollo as an assembly tech then moved up to a team lead and so on. Apollo really afforded me an opportunity to reach greater heights in my retail career.

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Michel Mulcare, Team Lead

I became a Team Lead based on my superiors recognizing the talent I had. I enjoy it. You get to be a support to people. You get to teach and see people grow in the workplace. 


Deborah Baldwin, Merchandiser

My husband and I both work for Apollo and they've been so good to us. They've kept us working where others are out of work. I'm having so much fun with my current display project.  

Have questions about an open merchandising position?

We realize you have questions about our retail merchandising jobs, so our recruiters are here to answer. If it's something quick, just send us a text. If you need answers to mileage, hourly rate, benefits, and more, shoot us a quick message. If you're looking to get more detailed, feel free to call us! We're here to help.

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