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Why Every Retailer Should Use Matterport at Retail

Matterport surveys have become an increasingly popular tool in the retail industry for a variety of reasons. Matterport is a technology company that provides 3D imaging and spatial data solutions. With Matterport, retailers can create virtual tours of their stores and use the data collected to improve the customer experience, optimize store layout, and even create more targeted marketing campaigns.

One of the key benefits of using Matterport surveys is that they provide a highly detailed and accurate representation of physical spaces. It’s basically creating a virtual digital twin of a retailer’s store. The Matterport cameras use 3D scanning technology to capture precise measurements of a space, allowing retailers to create a detailed map of their store layout. This information can be used to optimize the placement of products, create more effective signage, and even track customer traffic patterns. When coupling Matterport technology with experienced retail merchandisers, you can capture and record store fixture measurements as well which proves to be essential when planning and implementing new marketing initiatives.

Another benefit of using Matterport surveys is that they provide a highly immersive experience for customers. Retailers can create virtual tours of their stores that allow customers to explore the space as if they were physically there. This is especially useful for online shopping, as it allows customers to get a sense of the layout of the store and the products on offer before making a purchase.

Matterport surveys can also be used to improve the customer experience in-store. By analyzing the data collected from the surveys, retailers can identify areas of the store that are congested or difficult to navigate. They can then make changes to the store layout to improve traffic flow and make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Finally, Matterport surveys can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns. By analyzing customer traffic patterns and product placement data, retailers can create marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of their customers. This can help retailers to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

In conclusion, Matterport surveys have become an essential tool for retailers looking to improve their customer experience and optimize their store layout. By providing detailed spatial data and immersive virtual tours, Matterport can help retailers to create more effective marketing campaigns, improve traffic flow in-store, and provide a better overall shopping experience for their customers. As such, it's no wonder that more and more retailers are turning to Matterport to help them succeed in today's competitive retail landscape.

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