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Who Is Right For Field Merchandising Work?

If you like flexibility, variety, and working close to home, then you could find working as a field merchandiser is a great job for you! To work as a field merchandiser, you’ll need your own reliable source of transportation to get to each job site which usually consists of going store to store. Those who enjoy field merchandising usually like working on their own with little supervision.

“I’ve been working as a field merchandiser for years and I love the independence to my work day,” said an employee on

Field merchandising is appealing to many because of the variety. You’ll start from your home office, then you'll go store to store to meet with store managers and finish your merchandising work. Finally, you’ll return home to finish your reporting from your home office.

Although field merchandisers at Apollo work part-time, it could feel like full-time work as well. Some merchandisers work a full work week on special projects that last several weeks while others work shorter hours every week on jobs such as "cycle" work. Cycle work consists of going to a store and doing the same work every three to four weeks. That type of job is really perfect for those looking to supplement their income such as stay-at-home moms, college students, and those who have retired, but still enjoy working from time to time.

If you’re interested in learning more about our part-time field merchandisers, then call or text a recruiter today!

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