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Top 5 Seasonal Surge Solutions

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Have you started preparing for the holidays? Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and so forth will be here just before you know it. The saying “time flies” is so true, so as a retailer or brand, it’s never too late to start planning for holiday promotions. You can really capitalize on the buying season with holiday specific displays, ambassadors, pre-assembled products, and more. Calling attention to the seasonality of your product is easy with some of these retail solutions, but do you have the manpower to implement one of these new holiday marketing initiatives?

Apollo has hundreds of W2 workers across the nation who are ready to attack your seasonal surge marketing plan. So, what kind of temporary support does Apollo do to assist with seasonal surge? Here are the 5 top solutions we can staff to help you out around the holidays!

Merchandise Replenishment / Pack-Out

A sudden surge in product popularity can mean your shelves can easily get cleared out.

Regardless of the season you’re in, sudden surges can happen. When you’re prepared for these shifts, you can end up with a revenue boost and a stream of new customers. And if you’re not prepared? Get ready for costly stock outs.

Apollo can help ensure your products are on the shelf at all times. Our team will take top stock down or retrieve items from the stock room to replenish your set.

Product Assembly

Today’s consumer loves convenience. To be able to walk into a store, buy a pre-assembled grill or bicycle right off the sales floor is huge. Providing pre-assembled products is just another reason big why brick and mortar thrives.

With our service and assembly division, we have team of assembly experts trained in everything from ride-on toys, bikes, grills, patio furniture, game tables, and more. Our assembly technicians can build a three burner grill in just over an hour.


Need to change pricing? Retag? Or implement new security devices on merchandise? Something to think about this holiday season, and Apollo can help.

Corrugated Displays

A new season calls for fresh ideas. With such popular visual themes that are associated with holidays, it is important to create a retail display special for the season. For Christmas, perhaps a holiday display shaped like a Christmas tree?

Grab consumers’ attention with an exciting way to display your product. Figure out what’s been done before, then expand your ideas even further to really stand out from the crowd.

Apollo can quickly and easily deploy a team to assemble corrugated displays throughout your stores. Thanks to our fulfillment and logistics division, we can also house your shipments at any one of our 3 warehouses, so it’s sent to the store when its needed.

Brand Ambassadors

Think of Ambassadors like your cheerleading group. If you have a holiday campaign you’re launching, deploying brand ambassadors on specific dates that coincide with the launch will add so much more value to your initiative. Your ambassadors are your army of passionate fans who can really help drive your marketing in the right direction.

To earn the attention of shoppers, think outside the box when it comes to seasonal surge initiatives. And call Apollo if you need a temporary staffing team to help you implement your marketing plan!

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