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Retail Merchandiser Health Tip: Stay Hydrated!

As a retail merchandiser, it’s important you take care of your body. When you’re on the job you’re doing a ton of physical work. Whether you’re doing a reset, remodel, fixture installation, product assembly, survey, brand ambassador work, or setting shelves according to plan-o-gram, you’re going to be on your feet and moving for long periods of time. Proper hydration is critical for good performance. Here are 4 benefits to staying hydrated while working as a retail merchandiser.

01. More merchandising energy. If you’re feeling drained and fatigued doing that reset, dehydration could be the cause. Stay energized by drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated and your mental acuity on point.

02. Fresh breath. Your merchandising co-workers will appreciate this one. Your body produces less saliva when you don’t have enough fluids. When that happens, the bacteria that cause bad breath lingers longer in your mouth. Drinking water also helps wash away food particles and bacteria so you have fresher breath.

03. Weight control. The next time you think you need a snack, reach for a tall glass of water instead. Do you still feel hungry 10 minutes later? You might discover that drinking water and other liquids helps you feel full and curbs your appetite. Controlling your weight will help you as a merchandiser in the field. Extra pounds especially around the mid-section causes lower back issues. For someone on their feet all day, that’s the last thing you need!

04. Better sleep. Going to bed mildly dehydrated can keep you from getting a good night’s rest. When your mouth and nasal passages are dry, you might have problems with snoring, a parched throat or hoarseness. But, be warned, drinking most of your fluids at night can also interrupt your sleep with multiple trips to the bathroom. If you’re a traveling merchandiser and rooming with a partner, this could cause some issues with your roommate, so it’s best to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day instead!

Bottom line, to be more productive as a merchandiser, you’ll want take care of yourself. You may not be able to drastically change overnight, however, small steps can go along way. Download an app to your phone like Aqualert if you have trouble remembering to take water breaks while working. Buy a refillable water bottle to bring to your next merchandising project. Most retail stores have a water fountain to refill, so there’s no excuse to not stay hydrated. Head to the Apollo Swag shop to order a branded bottle!

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