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Apollo Fundraises through "Light the Night" to Support Cancer Patients

When Apollo’s VP of Sales, Beverly Ruyle, was invited to attend a webinar for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night from client, Nicole Williams, of Walgreens, she didn’t hesitate to attend. Beverly lost a friend to cancer and has another friend who is fighting the fight. “This is a good cause that’s important to me, so I thought it was appropriate to help our client’s efforts,” said Beverly. “This is one of Walgreens’ charities of choice and they’re supporting cancer patients through strategic collaborations with leading cancer organizations and supplying a suite of support offerings through more than 300 community-based specialty pharmacies. I am proud my Apollo teammates are supporting this drive with me."

We're proud, too, and excited to help this great cause as one of Apollo’s values is giving back to the community. “We’ve had some of our own employees battle cancer, so it’s definitely something that is close to home for us,” said Marketing Manager, Heather Petrone. “Anything we can do to help support is important.”

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society aims to accelerate the delivery of cancer treatment advances to blood cancer patients and help patients, caregivers, and survivors with the financial, emotional, and psychological effects of cancer and its treatment. “As someone who is a survivor of cancer, I know how significant it is to have that support. Cancer can be overwhelming, and the support this organization gives to patients and caregivers helps tremendously. LLS aims to improve the quality of life for these patients and their families which is crucial,” said VP of Human Resources, Barb Owens.

“Personally, I’ve done fundraising walks in the past like the Susan B. Komen Three-Day walk and the Alzheimer’s Walk, said Barb. “I have always found them to be fun, and it feels great to give back just a little. At Apollo, we’ve been looking for an event that would help foster a team environment and I believe this walk is it! LLS is the largest non-profit funder of blood cancer research in the world.”

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's “Light The Night” Walk brings light to the darkness of cancer by funding lifesaving research and support for those battling. Our Apollo employees from across the nation will gather together with others to celebrate, honor, and/or remember those affected. Registration is free, but walkers are encouraged to raise funds to support this great cause.

“It’s going to be a beautiful event filled with music, fireworks, and speeches given by survivors,” said Marketing Manager Heather Petrone. “Everyone gets a lantern to walk with that’s either red, white, or gold, each representing something different. White lanterns are carried by survivors, gold represents those walking in memory of a loved one, and red lanterns are carried by supporters.”

Our company goal is 5,000 and so far we have already raised $1,430, however, that number is growing. We currently have a Team led by Barb Owens in Tampa and another team led by Nikki Wauldron in Dallas. “I am getting involved because I am very aware that there are thousands of people sitting with their loved ones today begging God for a miracle,” said Nikki Wauldron, Director of Ops for Merch Install. “As I look at my beautiful healthy family I am aware that others are fighting for their health every day. Today my family has two close families that have children fighting for their lives. Last year my mother fought for her life and is now a survivor. I have a close Apollo family member whose brother is living with Leukemia. Cancer surrounds us, it is cruel, vicious and a stealer of life. Being a part of Light the Night is a small something for one night that I can do to help open the eyes of others to those who are suffering. When you receive good news regarding something so cruel it is up to us to continue that hope. I want to honor those who have lost their battle, financially help a cause gain funding, and let others discover a light in the dark.”

Would you like to do the same by either donating or joining us and nearly 1 million others in the 140 walks across North America? If so, head to to donate or sign up.

Any team member who becomes a Champion For Cures and raises $100 or more will receive a t-shirt the day of the event and a wrist band for food the night of the event! Please help Apollo support LLS and this great cause.

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