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7 Habits of Highly Effective Merchandisers

As a merchandiser, do you possess the right habits? If you want to be an effective merchandiser or possibly move up to a Team Lead merchandising role, you’ll need to use these powerful habits daily. Below are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Merchandisers.

  1. Prepared: Prepares for project by reading and understanding all information given, preps tool kit.

  1. Timely: Reports to work on time.

  1. Professional: Has the correct dress code, the right tools, and great attitude.

  1. Attentive: Remain attentive and wait for direction from Team Lead. If working solo, be attentive to our client and customers while working in the store.

  1. Productive: Stays focused and productive. Be a self-starter when needed!

  1. Adaptable: Willing to learn and be an active part of team or is self-sufficient if working solo

  1. Detailed: Enters detailed reporting on time at the end of the shift

Remember, your habits determine your destiny. Changing your habits doesn’t need to be overnight. Work on one habit a week until you master it then move on to another good habit. Soon enough, you’ll notice amazing new opportunities in your career and you’ll feel like a better person for the all the good progress you’ve done. If you're interested in a merchandising career, please go to our career page or email

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