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7 Habits of Highly Effective Cosmetic Leads

As a merchandising lead who specializes in cosmetics, do you possess the right habits? Cosmetic merchandising is highly tedious and detailed. Why? One, the products are tiny, they all look alike, and you can fit a lot of them on the shelf. The sheer number of products, labels, and UPC codes could be extremely challenging for someone without cosmetic experience. If you want to be an effective cosmetic merchandising lead, you’ll need to use these powerful habits daily. Below are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Cosmetic Leads.

PREPARED: You attend the project review call, you read all guides and directives for the moves/changes, you prep your job-related tool kit before showing up to work.

RESOURCEFUL: You’re aware of where to find information needed to the job: tracking, documents, POGs, labels, etc.

INVESTIGATIVE: If you don’t understand a directive, you don’t pretend you know what’s happening. Picking up the phone, asking questions is your nature when something isn’t clear.

PROACTIVE: You get ahead of mishaps by pre-calling locations and speaking with management to review pertinent information and confirm shipments.

PUNCTUAL: You arrive 10-15 minutes early to the job site to prepare self and team for project.

INFLUENTIAL: You lead your team by example. You dress appropriately, communicate diplomatically, and give clear direction. Your positive attitude and keeping calm under pressure transmutes struggles around you.

DETAILED: You complete projects fully by entering in your reporting on location before leaving for the day. You finish up sets, orders missing parts and recording any pertinent notes. You always email your timesheet to your District Manager and Coordinator.

Remember, your habits determine your destiny. Changing your habits doesn’t need to be overnight. Work on one habit a week until you master it, then move on to another good habit. Soon enough, you’ll notice amazing new opportunities in your career as a cosmetic merchandising team lead, and you’ll feel like a better person for the all the good progress you’ve done. If you're interested in a merchandising career, please go to our career page or email Keyword search: cosmetic or team lead within the job search keyword box!

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