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10 Things To Remember Your First Day On A Merchandising Job

Show up early. You’re new, and nobody’s going to wait for you. Be at work on time- leave early to account for traffic.

2. If your team lead or trainer is doing more than you, you’re doing it wrong. Enough said.

3. Bring your tools. You’ll need a basic tool kit for the job with measuring tape, mallet, cordless drill, scissors, work gloves, etc.

4. Be a problem-solver. No one wants to hear that a task can’t happen. Senior merchandisers and management aren’t interested in hearing your problems, they’re interested in solutions. Make it happen.

5. Bring a pen and paper. Someone’s going to give you instructions. It’s best to write it all down so you don’t forget any steps.

6. Your role is to help complete the merchandising job. You can’t get distracted by your phone, social media, or some cutie on the crew. Stay focused.

7. Be Proactive. Think ahead. Don’t wait to be told to do something. Find out what needs to be done and do it. If you have to be told more than twice, you may not get many calls back.

8. There’s no “I” in Team. Don’t be selfish. Everyone should be treated the same.

9. Your higher ups may not remember what you did right, but they’ll sure as heck remember what you did wrong. If you want to be scheduled to the next gig, you need to be batting 1,000. Perhaps you’ll want to learn as much of the ins and out as possible by heading to Apollo’s training platform so you can watch as many training videos as you can. Ask your DM for the website link if you’ve blanked.

10. Ask for constructive criticism after the day is done. Reach out to your team lead and DM to follow up on things you can improve upon once the gig is said and done. This will show an eagerness to learn and be a better support to the company and could have you back on another job sooner than later.

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Laura Hansen
Laura Hansen
26 Jul 2022

Great advice! Better to be a sution finder than a problem finder any day!

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