Continuity Services

Apollo ensures clients’ products have maximum visibility by optimizing sales displays, assisting with product rotation and placement, introducing new items, and ensuring accurate voids and out-of-stock corrections. 

Resets and Mandated Work

Apollo’s in-store experience and understanding of planogram compliance ensures that every reset is accomplished to the retailer’s specification and time frame.   


Apollo offers a dedicated team to support clients’ special projects such as situational audits, product cut-ins, POP placement and resets. Apollo’s retail relationships and knowledge help to speed project work while ensuring there is no disruption to regular in-store activities. 


Remodels and New Stores

We specialize not only in providing the labor for these mission-critical events but also the leadership and planning solutions. The Apollo team provides the necessary focus to ultimately deliver on your expectations, project timelines, and grand-opening targets.


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Tampa, FL 33605

​Tel: 813-712-2525


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