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Do you crave wanderlust? Then a Travel Merchandising career could be the right fit for you! Whether you have experience or not, Apollo is the perfect place to make a change in your career. 

At Apollo, we’re on a mission to make retailers and brands look their best! Because simply put, when products look good, they sell more. We create specialized teams to help stores and brands with special projects at retail. We employ thousands of W-2 workers across the nation and have been in business since 1992!

Who is Apollo? 

What is a Travel Merchandiser?

Travel Merchandisers are road-warriors that tackle big remodels across the country. You'll be on the road extensively for this position. If you have a travel partner, even better! We love hiring merchandisers with friends and/or partners. Watch the video below to see the ins and outs of being an Travel Merchandiser!

What can I expect on a travel merchandising job?

As a travel merchandiser you could end up stocking product from the back room, completing resets, remodels, surveys, audits, cleaning shelves and even assembling fixtures. You'll be expected to dress appropriately, greet the store manager, and complete on-time and accurate reporting through your phone, tablet, or computer. 

New to Retail? Check out our 

What's the dress code? 


Apollo employees will wear a black Apollo branded shirt, jeans, black pants, or khakis, and close-toed shoes. You'll also need to wear your name badge on the job. Due to Covid-19 you will also wear a mask while working. In some instances, you may be required to wear a safety vest, hard hat, and other PPE. 

What are the hours? 

Hours will depend on the project but can vary between 1-30 hours per week. We have projects that are extremely flexible and others where you are required to work after store hours into overnights. Talk to a recruiter to see which project is a good fit for you!

What retailers do you work with? 

We work with big box retailers, convenient stores, grocers, even speciality format stores. Here are a few examples of who we've worked with:

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7 eleven.png
floor and decor.png

What's it like working at Apollo?

Hear from our merchandisers first hand! 

"Well you're busy the whole time so time flies and Monday through Friday no weekends and they have great management great supervisors they talk with you not at you and they believe in their employees they back you up if there's any personal problem which is hard to come by nowadays very structured very professional" Former Employee from Anaheim, CA posted on Glassdoor

"Flexible! Good people, good time!" Current Employee posted on Glassdoor

"I have been with them a little over a year... Good wages (above average) for a retail Merchandising position and great people to work with. Hopefully will be with them a lot longer... Love doing the Cosmetic Resets... Fun work!" Posted on Indeed

Are their growth opportunities? 

Yes, you can absolutely get promoted to a Team Lead. In addition, many of our higher-ups started as merchandisers. We have employees move up from Team Leads to coordinators, to District Managers, and beyond. We love to promote from within. 

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