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How We're Supporting the New Normal at Retail

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

At Apollo, we want you to know we’re closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and doing everything possible to help you, your stores, and your staff, stay safe.

We’re Ready to Support You in the New Normal

Apollo has been exploring solutions to help you solve any current business challenges you may be experiencing as a brand or retailer:

· Enhance cleaning services of displays, shelves and products

· In-market reps available to fix retailer owned fixtures/lighting/displays

· Provide in-store support staff to augment understaffed locations

· Supplement brand owned teams staffing needs

· Live stream of large events & training content

· Shift in-person campaigns to online campaigns

· Augment in-store ASRs with Virtual ASRs staffed in our support centers

· Develop training, product launches and SWAG in-a-box to be mailed instead of delivered in-person

Health and Safety

You can feel confident our staff is being safe. We’re taking proactive measures to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our staff, stores and customers everywhere by:

· Vigorously checking developments on the COVID-19 outbreak and are adhering to all CDC and state guidelines

· Monitoring store closings that affect our programs and updating client reporting to reflect any impact

· Consistent and regular communication to our employees to mitigate any health concerns that they have

· Encouraging our employees to take care of their health first and foremost, if they are not feeling well, we are asking them to stay home and get well before returning to a workplace

· If any employee is returning from a trip out of the country, we are asking them to self-quarantine at home for 14 days prior to returning to the workplace

· Asking our employees to take additional precautionary measures before entering retailers and workplaces, this includes regular use of hand sanitizer, and disinfecting spray and wipes in store

We’re here to assist if any of these needs arise for you.

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