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5 Traits That Could Make You An Awesome Travel Merchandiser

A travel merchandiser travels the country working with teams to load and unload materials needed to set up new displays, install fixtures, hang graphics, and merchandise products in retail stores across the nation. At Apollo, we hire hundreds of traveling merchandisers all over the US, however some job candidates wonder what kind of personality is needed to be a great merchandising road warrior. Our recruiters shared these traits that can make you stand out when applying for a traveling merchandising job.

You’re a natural-born wanderer.

Can’t stand being in the same place for too long? Love to travel and meet new people? This is one of the most important traits when considering a traveling merchandising job. Most merchandising projects last several weeks and then you’re off to another state to tackle similar merchandising work in another location.

You’re on the road a lot, so if you have need for wander lust, this is the perfect job for you. If you’re in a relationship and you enjoy traveling with your significant other, Apollo loves to hire couples, too! Have a friend with mechanical skils and a good eye for detail, too? Form your own group and get hired on in the same team! You must have a valid driver’s license or have a travel partner who has one. You may not need a permanent residence, but you’ll definitely need a car to work as a travel merchandiser since our reps in this division are road warriors.

You’re a team player.

You’ll be working in a team setting, so if you can’t play well with others, a traveling merchandising job won’t be the best fit for you. Our cosmetic merchandising division has teams consisting of as little as 2 people to as much as 10 depending on the project. Our capital projects can consist of 3 team members to as many as 20 on a travel team. Your team will end up becoming like family, so having those soft skills to interact well with others will help you out on the job.

You’re a Mr. or Ms. Fix It.

As a traveling merchandiser, you’ll need to be handy. A lot of our merchandising jobs require you to use tools, in fact, you’ll be expected to have your own set when you’re hired. Experience with installation or assembly is super helpful when trying to land a traveling merchandising job. If you were ever a handy man, carpenter, installer, and just need a change of pace, you’ll want to check out positions as a traveling merchandiser. Also, if you like to start a project and see it through to the finish line, this position will most certainly give you a sense of fulfillment as you see all your hard work pay off in the end.

You’re a self-starter.

If you feel compelled to take action with little prompting, a travel merchandiser would be a great fit for you. Apollo needs motivated reps who will see things that need to be done and jump on it. If you can initiate projects and problem solve, you’re going to be valuable to the team.

You’re a good communicator.

When you’re working as a traveling merchandiser, you’ll need to stay in contact your District Coordinator, District Manager, and Team Lead. Being responsive to phone calls and emails is a must. Also, common courtesy is expected in any job. If you’re not going to make it for whatever the reason, give your merchandising manager a heads up. In addition, after your workday ends, you’ll be expected to report daily. You can do so from your phone or at your desktop computer. We can’t get you paid, unless you report, so being timely is critical.

If you can check the box on a number of these traits, we’d love to hear from you. Head over to our career website at click “apply” then simply keyword search “travel” or “traveling” to find our travel merchandising positions. You can apply to any of the listings and a recruiter will reach out to schedule an interview. Want to chat first? Call our recruiting line at 813-712-2511 to speak to someone about any of our open merchandising positions.

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