Project Center

Project Center

Consumer Product Companies

ARS offers a full range of retail services!

ARS is a leading national provider of retail services to Consumer Products Companies. We offer a full range of services for every product need.

  • Cycle Coverage
    • Scheduled to your needs
    • Continuity of reps
    • Daily Reporting
    • Product Rotation
    • New Item Placement
  • Product Resets
    • We can send teams to your resets to spare resources
    • We can supplement your teams
    • We can split store assignments
    • We can split customer or class of trade assignments
  • New Item Cut-in
    • 30 minute small cut-ins
    • Section resets to work in new items
    • Secondary placements
  • Displays
    • Selling
    • Building
    • Merchandising
    • Secondary's and J Hooks
  • Product Recalls
    • Formulized Recall Plans
    • Verification at each store
    • Signed reports by store personnel
  • Audits and Data Collections
    • Pricing an Distribution Reports
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Share of Shelf Data
    • Product Location
    • Section Sizes
    • Mapping of sections


Apollo is a leading national provider of specialized services to Retailers. Learn more here!

  • New Stores
  • Remodels
  • Resets
  • Fixtures & Graphics
  • Projects
  • Assembly

Consumer Product Companies

Apollo is a leading national provider of merchandising services to Consumer Products Companies. Learn more here!

  • Cycle Coverage
  • Product Resets
  • Displays
  • New Item Cut-In
  • Product Recalls
  • Audits / Data Collection


Our National Team of Assembly Technicians can assist you at your home or business to assemble office furniture and more. Learn more here!

  • Outsourced Projects
  • Shared Store Assignments
  • Staffing
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